Volunteer Requirement

Since 2009 we have been requiring entrants to provide four hours of volunteer time at a self propelled individual sporting event. It would be in your local area and can encompass anything from volunteering at a running race, triathlon, x-c ski race, trail maintenance, coaching or officiating a school track team, river valley clean up, etc. This is a mandatory requirement as we believe all runners should give back a little and all we ask is for 4 hours from after the previous years Blackfoot Ultra to one week before the current race. And yes we do check up on 10 of the submissions just to make sure. If you have questions please email us at

Distance Drop Down

We do allow dropping down for the 100 km and the 50 mile distances as these are big commitments. The 100 km can drop to the 50 mile or 50 km distance up to May 10th of the race year. The 50 mile can drop down to the 50 km up to May 10th of the race year. There is no refund for a downgrade in events. There are no drop down options available for the 50 km as well as the 25 km. If you are injured, a rollover is the only option.

There are no refunds for Blackfoot Ultra. We will however transfer your entry for the next year’s event if we are contacted before May 1st of that race year if you have a good reason and we receive email pictures of why you can’t race. In 2006 one of the runners sent a picture of a tube sticking out of his ribs due to breaking a few and puncturing a lung. This passed the test. The runner will be responsible for any fee increases for the next years entry and can also move their entry to a longer event.

Entries are NOT transferable.

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