1. No littering on the course. What you bring in, take out with you. If you are caught you will get an infraction ranging from a 15 minute time penalty to disqualification. Or if you really litter we will cover your body with honey and drop you off naked in the middle of the park. We believe in Leave No Trace racing.

2. Each runner must complete the entire course under her/his own power. No physical or mechanical aids are allowed including ski poles or walking sticks. “Muling” by pacers or crew is not allowed. No pacers allowed. No pets as pacers or as company.

3. We will take care of the medical team and ambulance, remember to take care of yourself. if you hurt yourself badly, stay in one place we will find you quicker and you get out. This race is at the start of the running season, don’t be a hero. Twists and such happen. Let our EMS on mountain bikes help you out.

4. Have fun and smile. Being serious and frowning wastes too much energy.

5. Thank the volunteers. They are working as hard as you are and cheering (okay maybe taunting) you on. Bowing to the volunteers and kissing their feet is permitted.

6. All competitors must carry at a minimum a 600ml water bottle throughout the course.  Those without proper hydration will be disqualified as this is a safety issue.  We hate our ambulances to be busy when they don’t have to.

7. Runners 16 and under can only run the 25km. We value your growing body even if you don’t.