Start time: ?? AM
All team members will be eligible for individual awards.  These team events are still subject to change as we may have bugs to work out.  Team members must already be registered in an individual event to participate.

Top Ultra Team based on one runner running each distance – 25 km, 50 km, 50 mile, and 100 km.  Least overall time wins.
Top 50/50 Team – 2 people in the 50 miler and 2 in the 50 km.  Least overall time wins.
Top 100 km Team – 4 people each running the 25 km.  Least overall time wins.
Teams must be from the same geographic centre and of the same club (ex. Millcreek Runners or Calgary Roadrunners) or be of one family and can be made up of whatever number of male or females.  Cannot change team members during or after the race and persons can only have their time put toward one predetermined team.