Blackfoot Ultra is co-directed by the husband and wife team of Gary and Amber Poliquin.

Gary is the original Race Director for Blackfoot Ultra. Gary is affectionally known as the “Grand Daddy” of ultras with over 100 ultras under his belt. Gary loves the ultra community and was one of the founding members of the Alberta Ultra series. Over the years, Gary encouraged many runners as a long time group leader/unsolicited advice giver on running technique at Fast Trax Ski and Run store. Gary had the honor of representing Canada on the Canadian 100 km team in 2015. He has won the Canadian Death Race both as a relay runner and a soloist.  Over the years, he has made every mistake an ultra runner can make. Some of his favorite memories are bleeding nipples, trying new foods on race day, cotton chafing, wearing old shoes and falling asleep mid race. He is a wealth of information and a great ally when you think you want to quit. He won’t let you!

Amber first experienced Blackfoot Ultra as a runner in 2015. She has run the 25 km, 50 miler x 2 and 100 km distances at Blackfoot. Amber is a Canadian Death Race winner and a big advocate of using the Blackfoot ultra to prepare for mountain races such as the Canadian Death Race. In 2017, she joined Gary and Lisa as a co-RD, and took over full co-RD duties in 2019, when Lisa stepped down. Amber suffered a stroke in 2017, and is now a visually impaired runner and an advocate for stroke research. Amber brings a new set of energy and enthusiasm to the race. She loves encouraging racers and helping people push their limits!

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