*All participants will be eligible for a large number of draw prizes.*

In 2002, all the age group winners received a Yardley Jones print. In 2003 we commissioned Peter Moore, a local artist and sculpturer as well as a runner to paint a scene from Blackfoot. In 2004 we had another wonderful artist named Laura Bachynski who gave her own wonderful interpretation of the park. 2005 featured Brian Lucas, an artist from Sherwood Park who also is a long time volunteer with the Birkibeiner. 2006 we had Derrill Shuttleworth, a runner and volunteer with Blackfoot paint the wonderful pictures.  This year we have another excellent artist but since it is a secret we won’t be telling anyone. The only one we have told is the Blackfoot moose and he will happily divulge only if you rub his tummy. But only if you dare. We also have some great prizes from our sponsors! Check them out on the home page and send them notes if you like. We want them to know people are checking them out.

Awards will be presented to each of the solo events (M/F):
Ages 34 and Under
Ages 35 to 49
Ages 50