100 km

Package Pick up:

Thurs 5:00 – 8:00 pm    Friday 3:00 – 5:30 pm

Race morning 4-4:30 am

Race Time:  5:00 AM

Start: Islet Lake Staging Area, Blackfoot Recreation Area

The 100 km course consists of four 25 km loops. There is a generous 14 hour time limit, but don’t spend too much time at the aide stations or you may get caught by moose. Runners must start their final loop by 3 pm.  This race was the course for the 2007 & 2014 Canadian 100 km Trail Championships.  It will have fast and slow runners.  The fast just blow up more spectacularly. Good race for any ultra-marathoner to compete in.

Elevation gain per lap:

305 m/1000 ft

See Race Rules for rules & required gear.

Headlamp useful for the Pre-race check in and bathroom breaks (no light in the outhouses), but not required for the race.

Aid stations:

Clockwise (even) Race year:  3.5 km/10 km (water only)/15 km/ 20 km

Counterclockwise (odd) Race year: 5 km/10 km/15 km (water only)/21.5

Aid stations have a mix of awesome ultra food & will compete for bragging rights

-Electrolyte, water, coke, ginger ale, fruit, cookies, chips, sandwiches, soup, pickles, etc.

Course Information