50 Km

Package Pick up:

Fast Trax Run & Ski, Edmonton

Thurs 5:00 – 8:00 pm Friday 3:00 – 5:30 pm

Islet Lake Staging Area Race morning 6:30-8:45 am

Race Time: Saturday, 9:00 AM

Start: Islet Lake Staging Area, Blackfoot Recreation Area

The 50 km course consists of two 25 km loops. There is 10 hour time limit, but keep busy and don’t idle at the aide stations or you may get bit by beaver. Runners must start their final loop by 3 pm.  This race was the course for the 2009 Canadian 50 km Trail Championship.  This race is everything you could ask for in a Saturday morning trail run; tough, scenic, fun, muddy and a good excuse to avoid household chores.

Elevation gain per lap:

305 m/1000 ft

See Race Rules for rules & required gear.

Headlamp useful for the pre-race check in and bathroom if you’re there early (no light in the outhouses) but not required for the race.

Aid stations:

Clockwise (even) Race year:  3.5 km/10 km (water only)/15 km/ 20 km

Counterclockwise (odd) Race year: 5 km/10 km/15 km (water only)/21.5

Aid stations have a mix of awesome ultra food & will compete for bragging rights:

-Electrolyte, water, coke, ginger-ale, fruit, cookies, chips, sandwiches, soup, pickles, etc.

Course Information