Even years the course is run in the clockwise direction. Odd years will run counter clockwise.

The counter clockwise directions are as follows.  The clockwise route would be the opposite.  The course starts from Islet Staging area and follows Lost Lake until you read Middle. Follow Middle until Highline where you make a right to get to Moose Link. This trail portion will go all the way until Central Staging area and connects to Beaver Trail which you follow until you intersect Wapiti at which point you will turn left and follow this trail for about 3.5 km. This part of the route is the most technical due to it being an equestrian trail and very rutted. When you reach Central Alleyway (dirt road), you will turn left and follow the dirt road for 1.3 km of up and down fun until Winter Trail. Go left on Winter Trail until Lost Lake Trail. Turn left and go until Hare Trail. Turn right and continue until Siksika Trail and turn left. Follow until you reach Lost Lake Trail again and turn right. Turn right at Push Lake Trail and once you hit Lost Lake Trail again you will follow this back to Islet Lake Staging Area. The good thing of this route is that there are very few side trails along it and it will be marked with directional signage and have volunteers at select places to keep you on your merry way. For the 50 mile racers there will be just over a 5 km out and back route at the start of your run to get the extra distance. If you are an optimist, all the hills will be good for tightening your butt. If you are a pessimist, well too bad, because the race director is an optimist and enjoy your new tight butt.