Being a race we need some awesome people who truly have endurance and can stay positive and happy for up to a 6 hour shift. Of course taunters and people with sick sense of humours are welcome as well. It could be raining and we do want to make it an experience! The three main shifts we have are 4:30 AM to 9 AM, 9 AM to 2 PM and 2 PM to 7 PM. If you have raced in previous years but cannot this year, come out and volunteer. We have been a victim of our own success as every year at least 20of our volunteers choose to race Blackfoot the next year. For those interested in Western States or other ultras that require volunteer time to get in this would be the perfect opportunity

Contact info@blackfootultra.com if you are interested in being treated really well.

The positions we need volunteers for are:

Setup and takedown: They will have the eternal gratitude of the race director as these are the people that get no credit and there are usually too few of. Friday night, Saturday morning 4:00 AM and Saturday evening 7:00 PM.

Registration tables: Two people each evening at Fast Trax dispensing evil smiles and goodie bags to all runners on Thursday and Friday.

Aid Station: The aid station volunteers will be driven to their spot which will be used to give food, water and stuff as well as bring back runners to the medical station who may be accidently run over by a moose. 34 volunteers.

Bicycle Sweeps: Get to bike around the course playing chicken with the faster runners and are equipped with a radio in case someone gets hurt by that same moose. (playing chicken of course). Also check for running litterbugs. One cyclist will lead each race for the first loop to make sure no one goes off trail and another cyclist will be riding around) Aiming for 18 cyclists who can alternate and want to get good mileage in.

Start/Finish Line:

Timer – someone who can read a watch for a long, long time.
Results – a person who is loved by all and deals with the inevitable computer crash by shouting silent expletives. Family operation you know.
Food/refreshment table – need a person who is organized and can keep non-racers from taking the food without hurting their feelings too much.

Anything else that is important.

Volunteers will get t-shirts, food, the adoration of the race committee, treated really well and get a chance to be part of something special. *Sniff*… race director’s own words.

Race Director
This race is brought to you by a guy that really likes the Blackfoot-Cooking Lake recreation area and loves to run trails. Trained a little, got chased by moose, stalked by coyotes and thought “wow, what a great place to hold a race!”. And of course the hills. My name is Gary Poliquin and without the great volunteers that we attract every year we would not have a race. I have raced ultras for a number of years and always had to travel outside of Edmonton. The terrain of this great park has allowed us to hold what we think is a great event near our home. And who is we, well my wife Marie-Andree who if she did not put up with me and my ideas, this race would never happen. (Psst. She is the real race director, just don’t tell her). And again without the help of the many volunteers, this event would not exist